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What is the CPC on Google AdSense

High CPC Countries are UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, etc. These all are high CPC Countries. Google Adsense Now let’s jump on that How to get free Traffics from that high CPC Countries? And do you know what is CPC ?

CPC stands for price Per Click. CPC is employed for the packaging that seems on the journal. Suppose somebody clicked on the packaging of your journal, then the speed of that click is named CPC. That is, the speed of 1 click is named CPC.

free traffics New Bloggers Tips In 2023

Free traffics For new Bloggers

Let us start talking about seven ways to bring free traffic to the blog without taking much of your time

Get Free Traffic from Facebook to Blog

If you want to bring traffic to your blog from Facebook; So for this you create a Facebook fan page and group according to the Niche of your blog; And share one to two posts every day with a link to your blog;

And along with this, join Facebook groups with niche similar to your blog and share your Facebook page and group posts in it;

Do not worry if you do not get the result of your work immediately; Rather, have been sharing posts; If not today then tomorrow the result will definitely come because hard work never goes waste.

Free Traffic from YouTube to Website or to Blogs

You know very well that YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing network; You should not hold back from taking advantage of this world famous platform.

If you have not yet joined this platform, then you are about to miss a great opportunity.

If you want to take advantage of this platform.

So you don’t have to do much for it.

All you have to do is create your own channel by going to YouTube and publish at least one video every day.

And to bring free traffic to your blog, promote your blog through video and also put the link of the blog in the description of the video.

If the content of your video is good, then very soon traffic will start coming to your blog.

Always try remember that my points that someone is successful by making 10 videos on YouTube, then someone achieves his destination by making 1000, 5000, 10000 videos; Means who constantly works on YouTube; He will definitely be successful one day or the other.

Instagram to  Traffic

If you do not have an account on Instagram, then create one because it is one of the ways to bring traffics to the Blogs or to Website.

Create an Instagram profile according to your blog’s Niches or according to your website articles or Contents; Share at least two posts every day and add the link to your blogs by going to the Bio and Description sections.  Mor

Google My Business can also be used to bring traffic to the blog.

This method of bringing traffic to the blog can be useful for you; You create your account by going to Google My Business and enter all the details of your blog on it;

And use keywords related to niche as label and title. After creating an account on Google My Business, Google will send Verification pin to your given address within 12 to 14 days, so that you will have to verify your Google My Business account.

Get Organic Traffic to Blog using SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

You can bring organic traffic to your blog by writing posts on keywords related to niches on your blog.

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