Honda’s two-wheeler in M80 style

Honda has launched its special edition Super Cup 125 moped. This two-wheeler features the graphics of one of Disney’s famous cartoon shows, Mickey Mouse. Apart from this, the Disney 100 badge has also been placed in it

In total, Honda has prepared only 100 units with this special feature. Notably, all sport serial numbers as well. This special edition has been given an extra touch of chrome finish.

Along with this, the sedan black color is used in various parts of the bike. It will definitely draw visitors towards the bike. Along with this, we can see that red color is also used here and there. It adds more beauty to the two-wheeler.

Honda has provided many more features in this two-wheeler that can add more beauty. Due to the additional features offered, its price also looks a little higher. The regular Honda Cup 125 retails for 89,600 Thai Baht (Thai currency name).

However, this Disney 100 Special Edition Super Cup 125 is priced at 116,400 baht. This is 2.81 lakhs in Indian Rupees. It is sold at such maximum price. But it is available for sale at a very low price.

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The vehicle is expected to be well received by Disney fans. Since it will be available for sale in very limited number, there are also chances of seeing competition among buyers multiplying. But we have to look at the actual situation

Already the SP125 bike is very quiet, have they given anything else?

All Honda motorcycle models are known for quiet and smooth running. There are reports that Honda has further improved this feature in its two-wheelers. To confirm this, the company has launched the 2023 SP 125 bike in the Indian market with a very quiet start.

In this bike, Honda has provided new features including ESP, fuel injection and ACG starter motor. These help in fuel economy, high mileage and smooth riding. In particular, the ACG starter helps to completely control the rattling noise when starting the bike.

Therefore, this product of Honda is starting to attract the attention of many people. Honda introduced this feature for the first time in the recently launched 2023 Activa 125 scooter. Following this, it has now introduced the SP125 bike as the second product

Apart from this, some other Honda products are also expected to get this feature soon. The new OPD2 rules will come into effect from April 1. The SP 125 has now been prepared accordingly. The 2023 Honda SP 125 will be available in two trims

The bike is equipped with a fully digital capable screen that makes daily use enjoyable. We can get a lot of important information through this. This screen provides important information like fuel consumption, real time fuel efficiency, eco indicator, gear position indicator.

100mm tires are used. It will provide a more grippy operating experience. In particular, it is a huge help at high speeds and sharp turnings. The bike’s fuel tank is mounted externally for easy maintenance. Honda SP125 is available for sale as a super comfortable bike like this.



The arrival of this bike is meant to compete with the Pulsar 125 and other 125cc bikes. The fact that Honda has designed it as a very smooth bike has attracted the attention of many people. Therefore, we guess that the sales of this bike may go up significantly in the coming days


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