When Computer and Communication technologies are Combined the result is information technology

Computer technology Hardware Software

Communication technology:

Consists of electronzoxtic devices and System for Communicating over long distances


Purpose of a Computer into process data into information Difference between Hardware and Software Computer


i. Input

ii. Output

in processing

iv. Storage

Understanding Communication:

Principal examples of Communication.

i Radio  Telephone  Broadcast TV  Internet and work! wide web


Our generation is known as “IT” or InformationTechnology generation In this era, there has been the biggest revolution in Suence and that & Why the technology has come into a different stage this technology has invented Such amazing things for us that have made Our life easier and Simple Some of the biggest inventions are the Computer internet, System,

Website, E- Commerse, Social media, E- Schooling system, Video calling and many thing IT is every Where in our life.

The twenty-first century is known as the age of information Technology The form information Technology is given to all advancement of technology Learning modern progress in technology in the World modern progress in technology learning and information has led to immense possibilties loss of technological devices such as Computer the internet; credit cards and ATM machines are part of information technology advancements All these have made it possible are People the gather information and use for their needs

It has evolued tremendously in recent dexdes and had revolutionized the way humans Connect and work advancements in technology and better information System provide possibilities

Communication and connectivity after the invention of the Computer the internet the world has changed a lot Just a press a butten and Simple Can you many things We can talk and we buy groceries just by getting at home ALL these are greatest advantage of It and it has made the Whole World better place.

Types Of Information

Management Information System (MIS)

Decision Support System (DSS).

Executive Information System (EIS)

in Knowledge Base System (KBS)vàng

Expert System (ES)

Concept of Information Technology

Information Technology made With Combining the two Words Information and technology.

Information is a process way to data Data: Data is a collection of meaningful figurs and facts.

It may be organised or unorganized. Data Process Anformation knowledge.

Knowledge. When in information is retain then it becomes


When we use technology for collection of data processing of data. Storage and shaving of data then it becomes information technology.

Information technology is pronounced “1.7” it refers to anything related to computing technology net working. hardware, or the people that work with these technologies.

Concept of Information System:

Information is a necessary and vital input in any riot avilable in ready form rather it has to be generated from data which acts a naw material that needs Some Processing

The World system is used quite often life we talk about an educational system, political, economic system Solar System and computer system.

In the discipline of System analysis and design the term “system” stand for the kind of a system we deal With → A System may be defined as a set of element or groups Joined together to achieve a common object at a fixed time period by a desired way.

Information system in an integrated set of components for collecting, storing and procesing data and for providing information Knowledge and digital products

A Model of a system

Inpul process Output. → Components of Information System Thes are main five components of information system which describe as follows.

Components of Information System.

Hardware  People  Nettoy  Database



Hardware the Hardware is the physical components of an information system we can touch is Hardware is used for input, Processing, storage and output Invest heat or purchases the hardware is depend upon budget of an Organisation. Examples: Computers, Keyboards, disk drives, ipads,

Mouse Scanner and flash drives, et etc are examples of hardware. Software Software is a set of instructions that tells the hardware What to do software is intangible it can not be touched.

User Applications  operating  System  Hardware.

There are two types of software.

Operating system Software & which makes the hardware usable or it is a general Software. Microsoft Windows.

Application Software which does Something useful At is used for achieve a particular objective or goal. Microsoft Excel and Angry Birds.


A database is an Organized Collection of cally. from a Computer System A database refers to a set of related data and the way it is Organiged where databases are more complex they are of then developed using formal design and modeting techniques.


A Network consists of two or more Computer are linked in order to share resources (such as printers that and (7)- ROMS) exchange files, or allow electronic Communications.


Network-  router pouter network2 router


The networking Communication Component is made up of hardware and Software, but it is a case feature of information System



People is the Compounent of information system People includes front-line helpdesk Workers to system analyts Rogrammers, Chief information afficer (CIO) and customers or users. Prouss

Information System are becoming more and more integrated With Organizational process, bringing more productivity and better control to those process



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