Robtics and human activities

Artificial intelligence robots are considered by all to be the greatest invention of this century

If artificial intelligence

This artificial intelligence is because before a machine does not know how to act on its own, we press a button and it will run like it should, but this artificial intelligence can use programming languages (PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE) to act on its own and make its own decisions, the best example of this is Tesla cars, one of the richest people in the world We will use steering, brake, clutch, gear etc. to drive but these Tesla cars can act automatically, stop the car, change the speed as needed, turn the car, we don’t need to give any input, this is called artificial intelligence. Understands a matter like a human being and makes decisions on its own

Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
artificial intelligence
Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, a famous scientific researcher, say that this artificial intelligence will become more capable than the human brain at some point due to its ability to act independently. But until now, it is through this artificial intelligence that the biggest change in the medical field has taken place, and this artificial intelligence is used to accurately predict climates and accurately predict how the climate will be in the future.

Researchers point out that when these robots think and act on their own without being controlled by humans, as the scientists have said, this will be the greatest danger. Apart from that, it is said that billions of people will lose their jobs due to the advent of this artificial intelligence, as this technology works better and faster than humans, so most employers will consider using it. This is sure to be dangerous in one way or another, even if it increases unemployment.

Brain power

brain facts
A human brain has about one hundred billion neurons. All of these are working 24 hours a day and compared to the memory of computers, the energy released is 2.5 PETA BYTES ie 2,50,000 GB, which is equivalent to the energy of a supercomputer.
Our brain can generate up to 25 watts of electricity, enough to light a light bulb

How much we use our brain

brain power
How Much Do We Really Use Our Brain Most people say that we only use 10 percent of our brain but it is a myth that humans actually use only 10 percent of our brain. We literally use them all. Researchers suggest that more than 10 percent of us are active while we sleep


How much work is done by our brain

If we all can multitask then no one can, yes our brain can only do one task at a time our brain cannot multitask.

Structure of the brain

The total weight of our brain is 1.3 kg and 70% of the brain is made up of water and it receives 20% of the total blood and oxygen produced in our body.

Male brain and female brain

In fact it has been proven that women’s brains are slightly smaller than men’s but remember that women’s brains are much more efficient than men’s brains.

The brain deceives us

We don’t see all the objects and things that we see in reality directly.

Brain size

If our brain is big, it does not mean that we will perform better. For example, Einstein’s brain is smaller than the brain of ordinary people, but he discovered the theory of relativity that revolutionized the world. Besides that, all parts of our body stop developing at the age of 20, but the brain can grow up to 40 years.  Google

The brain deceives us

We do not see all the objects and things that we can see in reality, we see everything upside down and our brain corrects it and shows it straight.

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