TVS IQube Electric Scooter Features


TVS has now launched a new and upgraded model of its popular electric scooter, the IQube electric scooter, in India. The main features of this scooter can be seen in this post.

The sales of electric scooters in India have now increased manifold. In this situation, many new companies have started selling electric scooters to challenge the companies that are already selling vehicles.
To deal with that, TVS has introduced new advanced features in its iQube electric scooter.

This scooter comes with new advanced capabilities, colors, and new range. The company has also launched this scooter in three new variants. The main features of this scooter can be found in this post.

New facilities TVS Iqube ST

This scooter now has many new features. Its standard model scooter features the same 5-inch digital instrument cluster.
Its S and ST variants now feature a new larger 7-inch full-color display. Also, the S variant gets a new 5-joystick control and the ST variant gets a full touch screen.

New technology TVS Iqube Touch

These scooters currently have features like music control, notification, call alert etc. in the S and ST variants.
Its ST variant now includes features like voice assist and Amazon Alexa. Also there are facilities like Vehicle Health Status, new wallpaper and new Theme to know the new vehicle status.
All these features are available via OTA update through its 4G Connect feature.

New power and battery

These bikes have new power and battery options. Its standard and S variants are powered by a 3.04 KWH lithium-ion battery. With this, a range of 100 kilometers can be reached The ST variant features a new larger 4.56 kwh battery pack. This will give the scooter a range of 140 kilometers. Its top speed is 82 kmph.
According to TVS, these scooters have a boot volume of 33 liters which can accommodate two half-size helmets.
It seems that the ST variant will feature a new 1500W fast charging facility. The previous model of the scooter already featured a 950W fast charger. That charger facility is available on its standard and S variants with 650W or 950W charger options.

Features of electric car

Excellent deck facilities TVS Iqube ST Phone

The car has the same smartphone feature as the old model scooter, turn by turn navigation, new illuminated TVS logo, under seat light, USB charging socket, Q-park assist or reverse mode, riding mode features, day and night display, regenerative braking etc. .


Although this scooter comes with so many features, the price is not huge. The standard model scooter is priced at Rs 98,564 (ex-showroom), which is Rs 1,500 less than the previous model.

Design TVS iQube LED

TVS has developed this scooter under three principles. This scooter has been built on the triad of comfort for the common man, great features and great selection.

These three variants are available in three battery options namely 650w, 950w and 1.5 Kw.

Range and facilities TVS iQube Touch

Its base variant S model offers a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge. Its top model ST variant gives a range of 140 kilometers on a single charge.

TVS iQube Battery

The range of all these models is more than the old model scooters. Earlier model scooters had a range of only 75 km.

Its iQube and iQube S models have a top speed of 78kmph. The ST variant has a top speed of 82 kmph. Search

TVS iQube 2

The base variant of the scooter comes with a 5-inch TFT screen and navigation assist. This scooter is available in 3 color options. Its battery is 3.4 kwh.

TVS iQube S

This scooter has the same battery facility. But this scooter has a 7 inch TFT screen. It also features 5-way joystick, music control, personal theme, notification, vehicle health and four color options.

TVS iQube ST

This top model scooter has a massive 5.1 kwh battery. This scooter has 7 inch TFT touch screen, 5 way joystick, music control, personal theme, notification, vehicle health, 4G telematics, OTA update etc.

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